Applied Minerals is a global leader in the production of Halloysite Clay whose mission is to offer customers products that are more connected to consumer and environmental needs than ever before. Our products not only improve performance in everyday applications, but help customers respond to heightened environmental regulations and awareness. This marriage of performance and environmental sensitivity creates greater value in both Applied Minerals and the products it offers. Sustainability is a business mindset. Applied Minerals has dedicated itself to that movement by utilizing eco-friendly extraction and processing methods to bring its Halloysite from mine to market - providing its customers a natural platform for responsible innovation.

Part two of this mission is to innovate applications that go on to further benefit the environment while meeting the strict performance objectives of our customers. 

Eco-friendly applications include:

Sorbent for environmental remediation
- Remove wide range of pollutants from the environment such as oil, uranium,
  toluene, phenols, chromium 6 and heavy metals

Functional filler in polymer composites
- Light-weight plastic products to achieve reduced volumes of petroleum-based
- Aid in recyclability and biodegradability of polymers
- Reduce energy use from cycle time reduction in injection molding

Non-Halogenated Reinforcing Flame Retardant
- Replace halogen FR agents while still achieving performance up to the V0 level
  and improving mechanicals.  

Controlled release aid
- Reduce volumes of biocides and chemical agents through a more
  efficient method of delivery

Optical fiber within UV-Curable systems
-Eliminate the need for environmentally-dangerous solvents in coatings

With dedication and commitment, Applied Minerals is excited to offer these products to help create a greener, more responsible future filled with responsive innovation and technology solutions.