• Applicable as a stand-alone flame retardant or synergist with other FR minerals
  • Improves char strength when used in combination with organo clays to reduce first and second peak heat release rate (PHRR)
  • Creates a ceramifying mechanism in conjunction with glass fiber
  • Provides meaningful physical property improvements when compared to other flame retardants such as MDH
  • Structural water (15% of total weight) not released until 400°C
  • Easily dispersible at high loadings
  • All natural, non-toxic and biocompatible
  • Recognized by the FDA as GRAS, REACH exempt

As halogenated flame retardants have been legislated out, the mineral based flame retardants like aluminium trihydrate and magnesium hydroxide have come to the fore.

Dragonite-XR™ performs as a non-halogenated reinforcing flame retardant with the ability to reach the V0 standard. It exhibits an elongated tubular morphology that is naturally exfoliated which provides excellent physical properties at high loadings without the need for chemical modification.


Dragonite-XR can be used as a stand-alone flame retardant as well as a synergist in conjunction with other minerals such as MDH, ATH, glass fiber and organo clay. Additionally, unlike competing materials which are limited to use in polymers processed at low temperature, DRAGONITE-XR does not release its naturally bound water until 400°C, making it suitable for polymers processed under extreme conditions.


TGA of Dragonite-XR