Hydrogen Sulfide Scavenger

Amiron™ technical oxides are advanced natural iron oxide hydroxides, primarily limonitic in nature, consisting of a mixture of iron(III) oxide-hydroxides in varying composition with acicular goethite and hematite. The raw ore, mined from our own Dragon Mine property in Utah, contains an intrinsically high surface area ranging from 25m2/g - 125m2/g and is micronized to reduce particle size for increased reactivity. Mineralogical pre-selection is conducted on each lot to maximize consistency, quality, and purity. Amiron™ technical oxides are manufactured for use in applications such as arsenic absorption for water purification, hydrogen sulfide scavenger in both liquid and gas states as well as environmental remediation to name a few.

All Applied Minerals’ products are processed under strict QC using its state of the art, in-house characterization lab for reliable and consistent quality.

Amiron™ technical oxide properties offer:
Ultra high purity (mineralogically consistent)
Very high surface area resulting in increased reactivity 

Significantly low levels of trace metal impurities

Recommended Amiron Grades:

  • AMIRON:H70